Getting Started

Excellent Beginners move... down up, down out.

Next step is to get more rotation to eliminate under completing and causing the left side blocking out.
The right foot and knee are inhibiting rotation here, not facilitating it.

But the South African drills are not designed to use the right leg to create good rotational momentum.

HOWEVER, NOTE: the C.O.G. is moving in a great path with good rhythm creating acceleration of the discus into the release. This is what you want!!!!!

This is the key concept for a beginner to get. Find the rhythm of the throw.

Throwing Strength

First Consideration is Always Safety!


Often we get locked into the game of "How to make it go farther" which can lead to bad technique. Of course we always want it to go farther but often throwing specific strength training can become a game of "hit it harder" which with this exercise depends on timing vs upper body effort. So we work timing AND strength at the same together.


Let’s Talk about the Throws

Welcome to our new web site!

This is where I answer your questions about throwing.

Lets talk.
When I get to speak at State High School Coaches Association
annual clinics, the best part for me is interacting with the coaches.
Usually that’s at the social on Friday evening.  That’s what I would
like this part of the site to be like, without the beverages.
When I communicate on this page or via email,
“I won’t be writing the fun Crazy Eddie info letters”.
I like the Crazy Eddie genre of communications.  Hey, if you can’t
have fun with it, I can’t help you.  But I have to tell you I really
enjoy reading sales letters or booklets or the twenty minute videos
with the hand drawing on the white board faster than humanly
possible about the latest vitamin or health formula that
I absolutely have to have or how to make $31,000 in 30 days with
internet marketing.  I really love the stories they tell.  I get drawn in.
I have tried to do the same thing with The Wilkins Review but maybe
without 43 colors and 12 different fonts and text sizes on the page.
I love telling stories, stories that have lessons in them, lessons about
throwing.   I will save much of that for the video camera.  It’s easier
and quicker for me to get my thoughts on tape than on paper.  I love
the creativity required to share these concepts in unique and effective
ways using the technology available.
New for us is this Conversation Box or Q & A section.
Send me your questions and I will post my answer. With my smart
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Sharing our Passion for throwing the Discus & Shot