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Welcome to my web site.

Pursuing excellence in sport can be a very rewarding endeavor.  For me it was throwing the discus.

AW Side082Ironically, I didn’t set out to be a discus thrower when I first became serious about sports.  Although initially, I competed in serveral events including the discus, the javelin was my natural event.  Unfortunately, I injured my elbow in my sophomore year in college and couldn’t continue.  I wanted to stay on the track team so I went back to the shot put and discus.  “And the rest”, as they say “is history”.

In 1976 I won the Olympic Gold Medal in Morntreal Canada.

This site is how I share my passion for learning about throwing the discus and the shot put.

Because I am a visual learner my preference is to communicate to you with video or still images.  My goal is to boil the throw down to the most basic, common concepts.


I am about the Discus and Shot Put, glide and spin for Coaches and Throwers, beginners to advanced.

Masters Windup

My Important Questions…
How do you get started?
How can beginners get hooked on learning?
How can you gain 25′ next season?
How can you make the US Olympic team?
Surprisingly, the keys to making the Olympic Team will usually be mastering the basics that beginners should learn.


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