Olympic Countdown

Countdown to the Trials

The excitement is growing as the Track and Field Trials to make the US Olympic Team are only one month away. On July 1, the Trials are again at world famous Hayward Field in Eugene Oregon. At this point the heavy work is done. The mind and body will get sharper and more focused for peak performance with a reduced training load.

So many vivid memories and emotions about the Olympic experience and performing come back to me during this time. My job now, my passion now, is to share the relevant thoughts to best prepare my throwers for their success.

To compete in the Olympics, you must have achieved the Olympic Standard. In most events the US is so strong, that the top 3 finishers at the Trials will automatically become Olympians. In other events where the US is not as deep, the top 3 who have made the Olympic standard will be on the team no matter where they place in the top 8 at the the trials. So if the winner of the Trials does not have the Olympic Standard, they will not make the Team. In essence, the Trials are a one day, do or die competition. Like the Olympics, where you finish is more important than your time or distance.

Once they have made the Team, they will forever be an Olympian. There’s no such person as a ‘former’ or ‘ex’ Olympian. That is something that no one can take away from them.

Sharing my Passion – Things I Believe In – This Makes a Difference:
As an athlete, coach and teacher I have always felt fortunate that sharing my passion
was part of my ‘job description’.  I look for ways to share my passion, to share what
I believe in with others in a meaningful way.
My relationship with Dr. LeRoy Perry, D.C. has been literally a career saving relationship.
His skills and his Spinal De-Compressor extended my throwing career and help me
live a life today free from back pain in spite of two bulging discs.

Coming Soon:
I’m excited to be able to share Dr. Perry’s Spinal De-Compressor with my friends.
In the coming weeks I will introduce other friends and devices who have improved my
performance as an athlete and/or the quality of my health today.

Dr. Gideon Ariel – He’s Baaaaack!
Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.
Gideon’s recovery was much faster than the doctors anticipated.
He returned home from New York last weekend nearly six weeks early.
Gideon and his new kidney can be found on Facebook.

New BackYard Shot Put
Three new venues since the last email.
1. An Olympic hopeful’s cement slab used only for drills, nicely painted to show the dream.
2. This is the Throw Center at Concordia University in Portland OR.
OK, it’s a school, but what a beautiful sunrise behind the mountain.
Not every shot circle has this view.
3. Video of a “G-O-A-L” throw, somewhere in Ohio.
Gives new meaning to “Target Throwing”.


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