Coaching from Mac

Live in Person

Limited sessions through out the year may be available.  Make your inquiry through the “Contact Mac” link on this web site.


Live Skype or Video Coaching

As with “Live in Person Coaching”, Live Skype or Video Coaching my be available through out the year.  A good wifi connection is required near your throwing circle.  One “Video Analysis” session must be purchased before a live wifi session can be scheduled.  Make your inquiry through the “Contact Mac” link on this web site.


Video Analysis

Make your purchase and then send two videos to  
  • One video from the side of release (right or left hand)
  • The other video from the back of the circle.


Basic Video Analysis

Have your shot or discus technique analyzed by Mac Wilkins.
Send Mac video of your throws and get Mac’s voice over analysis
with slow motion, frame by frame and side by side comparison using Coach’s Eye.
Purchase two or more sessions to track your progress through the season.

Number of Basic Sessions


Custom Video Analysis – Includes live phone call

Same as Basic Video Analysis but with a live phone conversation with Mac.
You and Mac schedule a fifteen minute phone call to discuss the analysis.
Watch the video with Mac while he breaks it down on the phone for you
and answers your questions.

Number of Custom Sessions


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