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Introducing Smart Back Care

As an Olympic athlete I was always exposed to new thoughts and products to better maintain my health and thus train more efficiently.  An important part of my success was based on being able to differentiate between real value and marketing hype.

Over the years I have been able to continue with many healthy habits and products.  Nutrition, stretching, the importance of good sleep and a healthy back are as important now as they were when I was a 25 year old Olympian.

Smart Back Care is my attempt to share my passion for products that have made a difference in my athletic career and my life with my friends.  Most of the original focus will be on maintaining a healthy back, thus Smart Back Care.  This is also the area of expertise of my friend, Dr. LeRoy Perry.  In the 1970s Lee was a friend of the athlete when chiropractors were pariahs in the world of sports medicine.  He is also a genius with creating different modalities for protecting and improving back health. Please click on F.A.R.E. on this web site to learn how you can help support Dr. Perry’s revolutionary research.

This product line will continue to grow over time as we take one off prototypes through development to being ready for the healthy lifestyle market.

The idea is that if you are too old (like me) to train like an Olympian, you can at least live a healthy Olympian lifestyle.


This is the device that kept me competing in the discus in spite of bulging discs at L4 and L5.

I have personally used this for the last 40 years to avoid spinal compression, pinched nerves, back pain and general sour outlook on life!

No reason to live life as a Grouch because of back pain!

Don’t stretch your ligaments and tendons or tear the meniscus in your knees by hanging from your ankles.

The Spinal Decompressor stretches only your spine.

Personal Model – Spinal Decompressor

Dr. LeRoy Perry's Spinal Decompressor

Dr. LeRoy Perry’s Spinal Decompressor


Built To The Same Specifications as the Professional Spinal Decompressor, 21 lbs. lighter and collapsible; perfect for use at home or at work!

Dr. LeRoy Perry’s Spinal Decompressors™ are heavy-duty exercise and rehabilitation devices used by Olympic and professional athletes all over the world.

Dr. LeRoy Perry’s Spinal Decompressor™ is a biomechanically efficient exercise and rehabilitation system, proven to enhance athletic performance. It is also the most significant breakthrough for bad-back pain sufferers, combining Gravity-Traction and Active Spinal Decompression™.

Using the forces of gravity, it allows the user to elongate and decompress the spine in a safe, relaxed and comfortable inverted position. Decompressing the spine increases nerve supply and circulation throughout the body, thereby supplying more oxygen to all organs and tissues.

Considered by many Yoga and Pilates teachers to be the ultimate exercise device, Dr. LeRoy Perry’s Spinal Decompressor™ reinforces yoga principles. The Spinal Decompressor can also be used to perform back and abdominal/adductor exercises, re- educating the muscles to create balance, co-ordination and Spinal Core Stability™.

It only takes two minutes twice a day to achieve results.

Spinal Decompressor™ users claim that the benefits obtained are RELIEF of BACK PAIN, and an INCREASE in VITALITY, STAMINA, STRENGTH and FLEXIBILITY.

Using Dr. LeRoy Perry’s Spinal Decompressor™ is simple. Leaning forward in an inverted position, just relax and breathe, and let your muscles elongate.

Contraindications of the Spinal Decompressor include but are not limited to hypertension, heart condition, glaucoma, stroke, any metal or surgical implants/screws or other hardware in the spine. Please consult your doctor to make sure he/she feels it is beneficial and safe for you to use this or any other exercise device.




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